It is with boundless joy and elation that we offer to you Issue 002: Quantum, wherein we beckon readers to plunge into the depths of entropic encounters with a conversation between Legacy Russell, Jesús Hilario-Reyes, and Stella Rae Binion, contributions by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Zoë Hopkins, isra rene, and Rohan Ayinde, as well as a poem by me (Daria S. Harper) and an essay by me (Camille G. Bacon).

For us, quantum mechanics, as a conceptual framework, is spellbinding as it proposes an alternative means of understanding the universe’s language by devising models far more vast than those put forth by traditional physics. If quantum physicists use their equations to re-render the possible, we wonder what it might mean to apply such a lens to cultural criticism. In this spirit, we invite you to attune, by way of the writings gathered here, to cosmically incalculable channels of expression, feeling, interpretation, and being. We implore you to cascade toward those incisions in spacetime which ripple in the omnipresent fabric that quakes each time we mark our here-ness by allowing ourselves to be porous to the particles of encounter.

Quantum as in evasive-precise-contradiction / Quantum as in sprawling, everywhere, always / Quantum as in minuscule, acute, exploding.

May your soul strip down here, dissolve into the dust of our black eternity.

Signature of CamilleCamille Bacon
Signature of DariaDaria Harper


Legacy Russell
Photo of Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell is a curator and writer. Born and raised in New York City, she is the Executive Director & Chief Curator of experimental arts institution The Kitchen. Formerly she was the Associate Curator of Exhibitions at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Russell holds an MRes with Distinction in Art History from Goldsmiths, University of London with a focus in Visual Culture. Her academic, curatorial, and creative work focuses on gender, performance, digital selfdom, internet idolatry, and new media ritual. Russell's written work, interviews, and essays have been published internationally. She is the recipient of the Thoma Foundation 2019 Arts Writing Award in Digital Art, a 2020 Rauschenberg Residency Fellow, a recipient of the 2021 Creative Capital Award, a 2022 Pompeii Commitment Digital Fellow and a 2023 Center for Curatorial Leadership Fellow. Her first book is Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto (2020). Her second book, BLACK MEME, is forthcoming via Verso Books.

Jesús Hilario-Reyes
Photo of Jesús Hilario-Reyes

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Jesús Hilario-Reyes, (San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an antidisciplinary artist with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who is currently pursuing their MFA at Yale University. Recently a recipient of the Drawing a Blank Artist Grant, the Leslie Lohman Museum Fellowship, the Lighthouse Works Fellowship (2022) and the Bemis Center Residency (2022) program. Jesús Hilario-Reyes has exhibited/screened/performed most notably at Frieze (London), e-Flux (NYC) ,Gladstone Gallery (NYC), The Kitchen (NYC), Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Black Star Film Festival (Philadelphia, PN), Mana Contemporary (Chicago, IL), Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT), Rudimento (Quito, ECUA), Parasol Unit (London,UK), and Gladstone Gallery (NYC). While situating their practice at the crossroads of sonic performance, land installation, and expanded cinema, their iterative works examine carnival and rave culture throughout the West; to take on a remedial approach to the effects of "destierro".Destierro is an untranslatable Spanish term that is most akin to being "torn from the land". They've contextualized the term to traverse towards ideas of Black and Queer fugitivy. Interwoven in the midst of these notions is a concern for the im/possibility of the Black Body and the failure of mechanical optics

stella rae binion
Photo of stella rae binion

stella rae binion (they/she) aspires to breathe underwater, embodying an ongoing project of “undrowning” (after alexis pauline gumbs) and speculations of continuance. stella rae is a chicago-based poet, filmmaker, and bodywork practitioner. her practice includes research of the poetic frequencies of fugitivity and the black outdoors, honor work as prayer and divination, witnessing intimacies through language and imaging, and the protection and celebration of black queer people. stella rae received a BA in media theory and creative writing from brown university in 2023.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Photo of Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Alexis Pauline Gumbs is a Queer Black Feminist Love Evangelist and an aspirational cousin to all life. She is/they are the author of several books, most recently Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals, and has a forthcoming biography, Survival is a Promise: The Eternal Life of Audre Lorde. She is/they are the co-founder of the Mobile Homecoming Trust, an intergenerational experiential living library of Black LBGTQ brilliance.

Zoë Hopkins
Photo of Zoë Hopkins

Zoë Hopkins is a writer and critic based in New York. She received her BA in art history and African American studies at Harvard University, and is currently working on her MA in modern and contemporary art at Columbia University, where she researches conceptual art of the Black diaspora. Her writing has been published in Frieze Magazine, Artforum, The Brooklyn Rail, ArtReview and Hyperallergic, as well as several exhibition catalogs.

isra rene
Photo of isra rene

isra rene is a writer and artist based in Chicago, IL from Capitol Heights, MD

Rohan Ayinde
Photo of Rohan Ayinde

Rohan Ayinde is an anadisciplinary artist and poet based between London and Chicago. His work traverses audio, visual and literary forms and often embraces installation and performance. Through an entanglement with the phenomenon of the black hole, his practice attempts to excavate an architecture of ideology through the analytical framework of black feminist thought. Investigating how the politics of place intersects with the conceptual, his poems, drawings, videos and performance work are translations and sketches of landscapes built from a freedom best imagined by writers like Octavia Butler, Ursula Le Guin, Lola Olufemi and Edouard Glissant.

Ayinde is one half of the wayward/motile collaborative duo i.as.in.we, with friend/producer/dancer Yewande YoYo Odunubi. He received his MA in Visual and Critical Studies from SAIC (2019) and on graduating was a curatorial fellow with ACRE (2019-2023). In 2021 he was awarded the fifth Stuart Hall Library Artist's Residency. In 2024, Ayinde was admitted to the inaugural cohort of the Rose Choreographic School. He is the gallery director at Blanc (Chicago), and has curated multiple shows there. He is currently co-directing iwoyi, a 5-screen-installation with Tayo Rapoport for the exhibition Beyond The Bassline: 500 years of Black British Music at the British Library (2024).

Daria Simone Harper
Photo of Daria Simone Harper

Daria Simone Harper is a Brooklyn-based art writer and the co-Editor in Chief of Jupiter Magazine. She is a former Assistant Editor of Digital Content at David Zwirner in New York. Her work has been featured in publications including Burnaway Magazine, Cultured Magazine, ESSENCE, Hyperallergic, i-D, and W Magazine, among others. Harper is also the founder of The Art of It All, an arts and culture podcast featuring candid conversations amongst emerging and established artists of color about work, life, and spirituality.

Camille Gallogly Bacon
Photo of Camille Gallogly Bacon

Camille Bacon is a Chicago-based writer and the co-Editor in Chief of Jupiter Magazine. She is cultivating a "sweet black writing life" as informed by the words of Nikky Finney and the infinite wisdom of the Black feminist tradition more broadly. Her practice is invested in illuminating the wayward ingenuity of the Black creative spirit and excavating how contemporary art can catalyze a collective reorientation towards relation, connection and intimacy and away from apathy and amnesia.


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